We need to end the era of land grabbing by rich people who take advantage of our vulnerable community, while being helped by the incumbent leaders.
We need to assemble the youth into groups and provide them loans to start up small businesses in markets and around, this tackles the issue of too much unemployment that exists in our community.
We are going to work on pitches and other sports facilities for our sports men and women, as well as music and dance studios for the artists. The production of talents has changed the lives of many over the years so we need to put policies in place that protect, promote, and improve these talents.
Revive the community centers in each parish so that we can train our people in hands-on skills such as tailoring, making pavers, baking, knitting, etc. to start them towards a better future, especially helping all of the unemployed in their respective groups or Sacco's by enabling them to acquire interest free loans to allow them to start up new businesses to utilize the new skills and knowledge they have acquired.
Our elders in their various Sacco groups shall be given interest free loans to boost their small businesses or even start up new ones.
To change our community we need to change the mindset of our people too. The regime has subjected our people to so much poverty that most of them have given up on the world and most have resorted to taking drugs but through these workshops we will enable the reshaping of our people to dream again, revive their ambitions once again in a way that will overtime also reduce drug consumption.

Lobby for my community to sponsor their children's education, and provide for women empowerment organizations to assist the widows and single mothers.

Our area is a victim of this problem as the rich are so rich while the poor are so poor. For the poor,  we need to create a fund where our people can borrow funds and improve their lively hood, and also provide better structures as well.
Improve infrastructure such as road networks, markets, and water supplies. For example in Semwogere, we need to improve on emidumu jamazzi where it has been contaminated most of the times it rains, and also make improvements to other areas.
Improve on the quality and availability of government medical centers and schools throughout the district.
It has come to our attention that the causes of insecurity are as a result of the desperate idle and unemployed youths but we believe that by increasing the opportunities for these young men, we shall step on this matter of insecurity without necessarily imprisoning them. The insecurities and a communication to state that these young people are desperately longing for what to do.

Aisha Wanyana MP Nakawa West 2021-2025



Aisha Wanyana MP Nakawa West 2021-2025

By Moses Oketayot

As the official date for the commencement of scientific campaigns for aspirants in various elective positions i.e the presidency, MPs, and various positions in local government draws closer (November 9th), many of the nominated aspirants are working tooth and nail to endear themselves to the voters, and the case is no different in the newly Nakawa west constituency where over five are tussling it out in the race for the coveted seat in the 11th parliament come 2021.

However, in an interview with Aisha Wanyana 35 an Independent, and a marketer by profession who is also contesting in the race, she highlighted to us her political journey, how she is different from the other aspirants in the race. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Who is Aisha Wanyana, and why should the people of Nakawa west vote for you?

Aisha Wanyana is an aspiring candidate for Nakawa west constituency. I am genuine and honest person.

I went to Walukuba East primary school in Jinja, for my ordinary level I went to Kitende SS on Entebbe road, and Advanced level I studied from City High school. After that I went and studied from an Indian university where I graduated with a Bachelors of sales and marketing. People of Nakawa west should vote for me because I will make sure that I deliver to my best what is outlined in manifesto.

People should vote for me because I have a heart for humanity where I set up a medical centre in Bukoto, called Braish Medical Center, after seeing a gap in medical care in the community since the locals were not in position to afford high end medical care in the area offered by the private hospitals, and we charge way lower for our medical services compared to the other hospitals in the constituency.

I also have foundation called Aisha Wanyana Foundation helping the under privileged in society, where in October 2015 through the foundation I donated my left kidney to an elderly lady who had kidney complications, and was abandoned by her family, and now thanks to God she is now okay and living to her full potential. So right from childhood I have always had the heart of helping humanity, and that is why they should vote for me because I will lobby and legislate for them in parliament.

Where did you get the inspiration to join politics?

The first time I got inspiration to join politics was in December 2019 in a dream where I saw myself with the First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni in parliament. The second time I dreamt that I was with the head of state. February this year is when I received a calling to represent the people of Nakawa west where I grew up from since childhood at Martyrs ways village seven.

My second source of inspiration is Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga who is the current Mayor of Nakawa division, because back when I was in high school at City High school he helped our school to fight off land grabbers of the school land, when he was still an LC3 chairperson in the division. I am standing Nakawa West and he is East so there is no collision.

What makes you stand out from the other aspirants in Nakawa west?

My honesty as a person makes me stand out from the other opponents. I also come from a political family whereby Kirunda Kivejinja; a veteran politician is my uncle, and former presidential aspirant Jaberi Bidandi Ssali is my uncle too, and they have all played a part in my political grooming

The second attribute is my love for helping those in need in that I am compassionate to the needs of the people especially the under privileged in society. And I will use all those attributes to lobby for developmental projects in Nakawa west once elected come 2021. And also the fact that I will be the first MP in the history of the country to have donated her kidney for a good cause is something that you don't come across all the time. And that is more than enough to show the voters that I will deliver on all my promises once elected.

How financially prepared for the race given the fact that you are running as an independent candidate?
For now, it is by the grace of God that I have managed to reach this far, because as a person I don't really have much but it is through God that I have been able to get funding from well wishers who want to see new able leadership in Nakawa west.
How will you address the problem of income inequality in the constituency?

In my manifesto, we have that in plan, where we will revive the community centers in each parish by training the people in skills like tailoring, making pavers, baking, and knitting among others that will create jobs for them in future. We also have a plan to help the SACCOs within each parish to access interest free loans from banks so that they can open up business ventures that will elevate them above the poverty line.

I will also ensure that the income inequality is bridged by creating a fund where the poor people in the constituency can access loans and improve their livelihood, and live descent lives.

Does the current mode of scientific campaigns favor independents and more especially women aspirants?
It doesn't favor them because it is very costly to begin with, and we are using several media platforms which are very expensive for independents. So it has not favored us, but since we are living in the COVID-19 era, we have to follow the directives given by the Ministry of health.
Once elected in parliament, how will you ensure that your constituents differentiate the role of an MP from the role of government when it comes to service delivery?
First of all as an MP, my role is to get the views of my constituents and present it on the floor of parliament for legislation, so that the responsible government organs can address them. But to curb that challenge I will see to it that the people I represent in parliament are economically empowered so that they don't become beggars in society where they live. However, on an individual level, I would chip in to help someone in need even if it is not my role to do so because I am pro life and I like to see everyone happy and contented.
How will you lobby for affordable and inclusive healthcare in your constituency once elected
It is  my plan to procure ambulances in all the parishes in Nakawa west, and I opened up the medical center in Bukoto after seeing how the poor people were struggling at get affordable health services from the government which always have drug stock outs, and poor facilities for instance I witnessed pregnant women delivering on hospital floors. So when I am elected as an MP, I will lobby from different partners both locally and internationally for funds to improve on the health facilities within my constituency.
Are you ready to work with government when elected in Parliament as an independent MP?
Standing as an independent doesn't mean that you cannot work with the government. I am independent as a person but as my campaign slogan says "Together we can", so I can't work alone. So I will work with whoever is develop oriented despite political party differences because my work will be to represent all members in my constituency despite the political disparities.
As a woman, how will you empower the women and youth of Nakawa economically out of poverty and unemployment?
As I said earlier, I am going to help them acquire interest-free loans from banks that will help them to have business startups after acquiring knowledge through the hands on skills like tailoring, baking, making pavers; which skills that they will have got through the training at parish level.